My goal is to be fair and square when it comes to professional carpet cleaning and tile floor care. I strive to reach that goal daily with prayer, hard work and determination. I want my customers to remember me by my honesty and quality of work.


At Anhalt Carpet and Tile Cleaning, my customers know that I will only offer additional services if I think they truly would benefit from them; I would never pressure them to buy any services they do not want.

The quality of my work is guaranteed to your satisfaction always.  If you are not completely satisfied, you owe nothing. This is my promise to you.

The best services are not always the most costly. With Anhalt Carpet and Tile Cleaning you can expect to get exceptional services at rates that are far less than what you might pay

elsewhere. At Anhalt Carpet and Tile Cleaning, I always offer low cost or no cost service to low income families and non profit businesses. e.g. Churches, Salvation Army, Homeless Shelters, etc. 

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